In 2014 a week after I got back from Glastonbury, Rakesh booked us a weekend camping trip to Black Lands Farm near Brighton. It was super cute and the camp site was pretty decent, this was our third time there but this time we only got to go for a night but we I'm pretty sure we made the most of it.

We got there early and set up camp and then drove into Brighton town to find some breakfast, we went to Mangetout and it was super tasty. 

I had to skip out on that large slice of sourdough though which was pretty upsetting (stupidly cutting out bread, rice, pasta and potatoes) and here's some photographs to show the cute interior and a photograph of a serious looking Rakesh.

We wondered around the cool streets and kind of tripped and fell into a vintage store called Flock that had a cool hidden indoor garden at the back (if I'm ever to have my own store I will sell tonnes of plants!) honestly people say they're in heaven when they see loads of cactis in a garden centre.... try coming here! 


I was cooing over a very large monstera cheese plant but at a hefty price of 35 pounds I had to let myself be sensible and i'm rather lucky I did because on the walk back to the car we passed a florist and we wasn't going to step inside but then we saw a whole bunch of them... went in for a browse and they were... 12 pounds! I couldn't refuse such a good price and literally walked down the road smiling through the leaves of the plant. I finally own one, still can't believe it.

Headed back to the camp for an hour lay down to decide what to do for tea, we couldn't quite decide what to do so went to Tescos to do some snack and drink shopping. We thought we'd just grab something quick so opted for an Indian take out. So yes we ate take out around our campfire, it's not the first time we've done this either! It was a shame we were only there for one night cos we would have both loved to have actually cooked using the stove/bbq. We had such a lovely night just talking and laughing.

The next morning we packed up and then decided to head to Lewes as we'd both never been before and well we didn't see many great things there, plus a lot was closed there on a Sunday including this super cute bakery called Flint Owl Bakery we walked past! Look at that Navy blue!

We left Lewes and drove back to Brighton, found a not so cute looking cafe and I had corn fritters, poached eggs and chorizo which tasted pretty nice! We wondered to the beach, because what's a trip to Brighton without a lay down on the stoney beach!