First let me bore you, as you may or may not know I am 25 and work part time in retail. Working 9 - 2pm 5 days a week... Recently i've been doing tonnes of over time for holiday spending money. I've worked 12 days in a row and today is my day off, i've been looking forward to this since the first day of the twelve days. I've missed doing a lot of things but one of them is brunching, so I planned ahead and went food shopping last night.

It's been 55 days that I've cut out my four favourite things, bread, potatoes, rice and pasta. So i've been making alternatives... Here i've made a courgette fritter to go alongside my spicy beans, portobello mushroom, avocado and tomatoes. This right here is one of my favourite brunches, why would I need to go out for brunch when I can make a tasty brunch like this... eh! (nah but I mostly don't brunch out cos I'm broke all the time)

If you already follow me, then you know I love eggs any style and here are some examples of how you can have a "dine out" style brunch! Take a look at my whole collection here.. "#Bakerseggs"