was a weird one, it started with a lot of tears and grieving. In fact when I think about how painful it was I shudder. My heart broke a little more and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with. I struggled with being by myself and I struggled with landing a job. I didn’t spiral out of control like I expected myself to, I got out of bed each day and I carried on my fitness journey managing to dip my toes into weight training, I also carried on creating recipes and that seemed to help a lot. I visited two places at the beginning of the year that I hadn’t been to before, Bristol for my first influencer job and Bournemouth with my oldest friend. In April I then decided to do something for myself and took myself to Berlin for my first solo trip, it was amazing and I’ll be doing that again for sure. In the beginning of June I finally got a job at a craft beer and burger place where I never imagined myself working but throughly enjoy working at (with the best team ever). I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in the south of France with one of my best girl pals, it was a fun relaxing holiday that was very needed! We got extremely tanned, watched the french celebrate their semi final World Cup win and got drunk. Not forgetting how the World Cup and Love Island bought everyone closer! I then worked for two months and had a pretty good summer, the heatwave and all. I had a few dinner parties too which I want more of next year! I dated for the first time ever and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, he was a great first date. I dabbled in a few different jobs, I photographed social content for a start up yoga clothing brand, I photographed two weddings and I continued to push my own brand (denim bags) which are stocked at West Elm and Jo’s House. In September I went and met my best friend in Bali who I hadn’t seen for a year and travelled south east Asia with him for two months, it was the best experience ever and I’m so grateful to have seen such wonderful places! I got to see my all time favourite band (Rainbow Kitten Surprise) with some of my best friends. I went through some more hard times where I thought I was headed backwards but I continued to keep pulling myself through. I worked 108 hours in December which was the most I’ve worked in two years (a shock) but I survived! I had a very fun family filled christmas time, I love my family so much. This year I got to see my friends/family achieve their goals and I’ve never felt as proud of them as I do today, well done to you all. New homes, new careers and pushing themselves to go out and see the world! I’ve had so much support from you this year and I’m so extremely grateful for each and everyone of you. I don’t have much planned for 2019 except my first half marathon and being a bridesmaid to one of my beautiful friends. There’s so much I want to achieve though and despite loving going with the flow... next year is the year I actually start to push myself. There’s so much of the world I’d love to see, experience living in and I’d like to find out where I belong and what I want from my own business. I love that I’m able to look back and see how far I’ve come, yeah of course I have the days where it feels like I’m back at the beginning of the year but even on those days I am so proud of myself because I know I’m not there anymore, I pushed through them and I’ve grown so much from them. It’s little things like realising I’m now a lot more confident, I’m no longer always late for everything and I tend to speak up for myself more than I used to.

How ever you’re spending your New Years Eve, I hope you’re ringing it in with a head full of positivity and love in your heart because I will be. Here’s to more brunches, more life lessons, more travel, more growth, more running, more sunsets and more fun!

Emily Baker