I was lucky enough to attend the Boxpark Croydon launch and it was probably the best event i've ever attended. Sorry but a banquet of food from pretty much all of the traders here at Boxpark... What could be much better!

We started off with some fruity jar cocktails from Casso.

The set up was extremely cute, big black and white balloons and long tables in the middle of the dining hall (if it's not called a dining hall then it should be) around the outskirts of the dining hall was all the food traders. 

This was the menu, 30 different things to try! We were full before most of the mains had come out which we felt extremely bad but made sure we tried everything!

This dish from the 'starters' was from Mud Cafe, a corn fritter served with smashed avocado, poached egg, chilli jam and pea shoots. Honestly Mud are fantastic, Rakesh and I headed to their Tooting restaurant back in March and didn't stop going on about it for ages so we were extremely excited to find out they were coming to Croydon. 

This was a crispy rice cake with prawn, picked jalapeno, tobiko and chicken floss from Bang Bang Hawker Kitchen, very tasteful.

Beef and spring onion dumplings from Mamalan.

Some tender steak from Fixed.

Oh my goodness Coqfighters is one of my favourites, vodka and sesame battered Korean style wings were so tasty. Them giving us our own paintbrushes to sauce them to our own taste was a touch! 

Dead Hippie French's Mustard-fried beef patty, dead hippie sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles from Meat Liquor.

A tasty sweet pork gua bao from Bao Bao.

We also went to The Eskimo Dance event on the Saturday which was unreal, it felt hard to believe that we were actually in Croydon still. As a 20 something growing up in Croydon I can vouch that this is what us youngsters have been needing for awhile, somewhere to hang out with friends surrounded by amazing food and great tunes.

*Edit - When you go, check out Nanny Outers the Guyanese Roti House, amazing food and friendly staff and expect more food features from Boxpark.