My first trip to Bristol, I know... kind of shocking really. When I was offered an all expenses paid trip to the quaint city I jumped at the chance. Straight from the train I got a bus to Clifton Bridge, the views were pretty lovely and I was so lucky weather wise! Afterwards I walked around Clifton and popped into a few shops such as Anna Cake Couture, Papersmiths, Bristol Trading Post and Otomi.

The whole reason behind the all expenses paid trip was to go to the launch of The Florist, I felt super lucky. The extremely chic bar and restaurant put on an absolutely amazing launch night. The night consisted of masterclasses, unique cocktails, pretty floral decor and music. After a heavy night of cocktail sipping they invited us back the next day for bloody mary's and a Sunday roast. They knew they had to make it up to us for giving us a hangover I guess. Everything tasted amazing, the roast was divine (sorry Mum). If you're from Bristol you're lucky to have such a cool place to hang out and if you're headed to Bristol then you should deffo check this place out. 

Thanks for having us and Bristol I shall be back!

After enjoying the delicious food and dessert, I literally rolled around the corner to into a park on Brandon Hill. The weather was also beautiful for day two, so lucky. I climbed the very narrow steep stairwell of Cabot Tower to see an insane view of Bristol. Great to do this when feeling extremely hungover and full...