Where to eat in London... Bunhouse

After window shopping in Oxford St we started to feel a little peckish... and then I remembered I recently followed a new restaurant on Instagram that I wanted to check out. We took a short stroll to Greek St and there it was the extremely photogenic exterior of Bunhouse. On the corner, the vibrant green awnings and big front windows that were wide open (they wouldn't be on a day like today though!).

We had two glorious steamed buns each, I went for the lamb and the chicken one, both divine. They stamp the buns with different symbols for the different fillings. They also sell small dishes, tonnes of pickled goodies AND dessert buns... which I need to go back and try!

Everything about the interior of the restaurant was dreamy. The nicely organised drink fridges, exposed brick walls and quirky floor tiles, visible kitchen and big framed menus. 

Check out their Instagram for their unique food photographs.