Time: 10 minutes

Method: Heat oil in a pan, add garam masala and garlic for two minutes until adding the tomatoes, mushrooms, courgette and coriander. Squash the tomatoes and then add the spinach. 

Mix the finely chopped spring onion, red chilli and ground pepper in with the beaten eggs and pour into a heated pan. You'll know when it's done.

Top with coriander, Sriracha and half an avocado. The easiest and simplest Indian spiced breakfast. 


Time: 20 minutes 

Method: Squeeze the grated courgette inside a tea towel or kitchen cloth to get rid of water. I haven't added a measurement of plain flour to use because I usually just go with my gut. Usually four heaped tablespoons of plain flour, crack in the eggs and mix. Then add in the courgette and season with salt and pepper (and any other spices you fancy, sometimes I add chilli). 

Heat coconut oil (or preferred oil) in a pan and place a spoonful of mixture in... usually wait until little holes start to appear and then flip. 

Fry some mushrooms, spinach and an egg. Slice some avocado. Once done, spread some brinjal pickle (I use Patak's but will soon attempt to make my own) onto the fritters and then top with the above.

These fritters are great topped with anything and everything, a super tasty alternative to toast.

Time: 30 minutes

Method: Chop potatoes into small cubes and boil. Fry mustard seeds (until they pop), cumin seeds and turmeric. Once potatoes are boiled add them into the spices and fry until golden.

For the salsa, heat chopped tomatoes on the hob. Add spinach and coriander.

Finely chop half a green chilli and spring onion and add to beaten eggs. Pour into a heated pan and again you'll know when it's done. Whilst the omelette is still in the pan, add some salsa and then some potatoes and wrap. 

Perfect for a quick easy brunch. 

Time: 30 minutes

Method: Mix the masa harina with the salt and warm water then form into a big ball with your hands. The dough should be firm and springy not dry or super sticky. Keep the dough in a bowl and cover and leave for 20 minutes. After leaving the dough, start to make little 'golf ball' sized balls with the dough, then pop a ball between two plastic food bags then flatten them in to a circle. You can use a tortilla press but don't worry if you don't have one, use the bottom of a large plate and that works just as good. Once flattened, pop one on the pan and heat between 30 seconds to a minute. Swap sides when the tortilla starts to puff up. Then repeat.

The filling is super easy, you could actually just put in anything you fancied. I went with what I had in the house... peppers, mushrooms fried with cajun and hot paprika. Then topped with bacon and scrambled egg. Also don't forget the coriander for the Mexican touch and the Sriracha for the heat.