Where To Eat in South London... Milk

I've been to Milk in Balham three times now and it's been great every time but this was the first time since the re-vamp and it's now even more special. There's always usually a queue (out the door at times) but it's still so worth the wait!

The interior is so cute, with odd furniture, mixture of vintage and new. Visually pleasing artwork on the walls and cakes and bags of coffee for sale.

Trainers - Adidas / Jeans - ASOS / Shirt - Monki

Trainers - Adidas / Jeans - ASOS / Shirt - Monki

I always go for 'The Convict" which is a delicious hangover cure! It's made up of two bits of drycure bacon, moens and sons sausage, burford brown egg, poacher hash and hangover sauce in a proper english muffin (oh man I wish I was eating this right now). Washed down with R.A.F breakfast tea that came in the coolest little teapot. 

The menus hang from metal hooks so you can decide before heading further inside and a cool record player (playing Jamie XX what more could you possibly want). Oh and if you've settled on eating outside despite it being like -100 degrees then they provide these cute blankets!

I couldn't recommend this place enough and I'm glad I got to take some of my friends there for our very hungover Sunday brunch.