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Sylvan Post

Where to eat in South London... Sylvan Post

This is my second time now branching out (well a 20 minute car journey) to Forest Hill for food. There's something quite lovely about this little area and it seems to have some 'hidden' gems! 

Do you find it hard to decide between a Sunday brunch or a Sunday roast? I'm sure I'm not the only one here. Well we decided on the Sunday roast and I think it was the right decision. 

I went for the lamb roast, it came with seasonal vegetables, the tastiest roasties, a giant yorkshire pudding and of course mint sauce... I feel like mint sauce is the reason I love roast lamb so much.

The restaurant/pub used to be a Royal Mail post office and now it's a quirky hang out. The atmosphere was lively for a Sunday, full of conversation and laughter.

However something did annoy me about our visit... My friend was allowed to order her food and drink at the bar... I was told I wasn't allowed. Confused I sat down and waited for someone to come over to take my order, that didn't happen. 8 minutes later I decided to approach a member of staff to order. My friends food had come and I ended up waiting maybe about 20 minutes for mine, she ate hers as slow as she could to assure we wasn't eating on our own. The staff were lovely despite that one lady on the bar, she was rude. No apology either. Luckily the roast was delicious.